How to Keep Timber Framing Costs Affordable

You can take several steps to keep the cost of timber wall frames affordable so that you enjoy the numerous benefits, such as shorter construction times, of this construction method. This article discusses some of those cost-saving measures.

Select the Right Architect

It is common for people who wish to build timber frame houses to prefer custom house designs. This process can increase the total cost of the project if care isn't taken when selecting the architect. You can reduce the cost of designing that building by opting for an independent architect. Such a professional is likely to be more affordable when compared to hiring a large firm to do the custom design. This is because the independent architect often has fewer overhead costs when compared to the large design firm.

Examine Your Location

Constructing timber frame houses requires very skilled carpenters. The project can stay affordable in case you decide to build in an area where these skilled tradesmen exist. Bringing in carpenters from another area will inflate the costs of the project because you will have to cater for the costs associated with maintaining those "imported" carpenters as they work on your project. For instance, you will have to foot the cost of their accommodation for the days when they will be working at your site. Locally sourced carpenters will not impose this cost upon you.

Opt for Simple Shapes

All building materials have their inherent design limitations. For example, timber framing is ideal for buildings that aren't very wide or large. Wide-span designs call for special measures to make the structure strong since internal weight-bearing walls are rarely used in such construction. These added protections can make the project more expensive. You can keep the cost of your building affordable by selecting simple designs/shapes that will not require costly mechanisms to keep the building strong. Your architect can advise you about the most affordable shapes to opt for.

Pay Attention to Builder Quotes

Don't make the mistake of comparing the quotes of builders unless you are sure that all those quotes are based on the same factors. For example, one builder may send you a quote that seems affordable simply because he or she intends to use insulating materials that aren't of very high quality when compared to the insulation that another builder intends to use. In short, keep the costs affordable by comparing apples to apples. In this way, you will select the most competitive quote/builder.

Don't be swayed by the numerous misconceptions, such as the assumed higher susceptibility of timber frame buildings to fire. Ask the selected builder about all the concerns that you may have so that the builder can address those issues during the design and construction process.

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