How you can tell that your building's foundation has problems

The first step to a successful construction project is hiring a competent contractor. However, there are times when even after we have performed what we believe to be due diligence, problems will come up. Cracks are the most common sign of foundation problems. When they appear, the first solution we think of is getting someone to patch up with some concrete. However, the cost of ignoring the cracks can be quite expensive because sometimes, it can lead to the eventual collapse of a building.  Here are a few other indicators that your building could be headed for serious foundation trouble.

Soil shifting and water damage

Inefficient drainage of water from the home causes serious foundation problems when ignored. In most cases, the area around the foundation gets wet when it rains, and the soil expands. When the rains stop, the soil contracts or compacts, and these shifts affect the stability of the foundation. The best way to protect the home from these changes is watering the lawn when it is scorched, and finding out if there is an unnoticed water leak somewhere which is ruining the foundation.

Warping ceilings and sagging floors

When there are issues with the foundation, they affect the upper structures of the home. Some of these common structures which will show issues with the foundation include a change in floor level. If you take a tennis ball and place it in one corner of the room, it will roll in one direction, indicating that the floor is not as flat as it is supposed to be. Another sign which will show on the upper levels of the home includes a difference in space between the inner walls of the home and the ceiling.

Doors and windows that won't close

If you find that your doors do not close as easily as they used to before, it is probably the result of foundation problems. When the foundation is compromised, the width of spaces between doors changes, making doors either too small or too big to fit the space.

These are some of the signs which may indicate to you that your foundation has issues. In case you have noticed one or more of these issues in your building, it is best to consult a competent civil engineer to handle the repairs and maintenance. They will come up with the most appropriate method to reinforce the foundation and help you to fix the problem completely.

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