Considering Teak For Your Timber Decking? Here Are the Advantages and Drawbacks!

Whilst most decking today is made from wood, the woods used are usually cost effective options that aren't terribly unique. Many people today are now opting for unique hardwoods that can give a whole new look to an outdoor living space. Teak, one of the most popular of all premium woods today, is sometimes called the "king of the hardwoods," because it's so unique and special. Here are some of the advantages -- and one potential drawback -- to know about if you're considering teak for your timber decking

The Durability

Teak wood is one of the most popular choices for both decking and furniture today for one main reason: it's extremely durable. Teak is incredibly durable and resists rot very well -- a prime consideration whilst choosing wood to create your outdoor living space. Teak also resists shrinking, something that can be common with other types of wood used for decking purposes. All of these things mean that teak withstands even the most punishing summers and winters. 

The Appearance

Teak wood has a combination of ingredients that make it unique. It has a high level of resinous oil, a high level of silica, and a high level of rubber content. Teak actually gets better with age. It begins as a rich brown colour but gradually weathers into a uniquely beautiful silver grey colour. Whilst teak can be one of the more costly timber decking options, many people find that having such a beautiful and unique wood for their outdoor living space is well worth the investment. 

The Care

Caring for teak decking is actually quite simple. Your timber supplies provider will typically recommend a specialised sealant that helps give the wood even more protection from the elements, making it remarkably easy to care for. In fact, you don't need to do anything other than keep the teak decking clean -- sweeping to remove dirt and debris and polishing a few times a year if desired. In most cases, your new teak wood deck will last for many years -- and it's quite likely that it will last for the whole time you're in your home. 

The Cost

Whilst everything mentioned above is a distinct advantage of teak timber decking, the cost isn't one of the advantages. Teak wood is one of the more costly decking options. However, it's important to weigh the advantages against the potential drawback of cost. Whilst you'll have to invest more money in the beginning, you'll be able to enjoy your new teak decking for a long time to come and you won't need to invest much in maintenance.

If teak sounds right for your outdoor living space, contact your local timber supplier to ask about teak decking today!

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