Construction Trends worth Incorporating In Your New Home

Getting the opportunity to custom build your new home can be an exciting journey. Not only do you get the chance to select the materials that you would prefer (such as green building products) but you also have full control over your floor plan. However, the process of making the right selections of designs or features that would best suit your style can be daunting for people who do not have any experience with custom home building. If this is your first time embarking on your new home build, the following are three construction trends that would be worth incorporating in your new home.

Smaller homes with smarter solutions

One trend that is steadily being adopted by Australians is less square footage for their home. As building costs skyrocket, it would be more financially viable to construct a home with sufficient square footage where all rooms are functional rather than a large house where a lot of space is being wasted. In addition to the homes becoming smaller, they are now characterised by incorporating the smart technology right from the design phase. There is a myriad of intelligent solutions that you could have in your new home build, for example, solar-powered lighting, thermally efficient windows, automated thermostats and home automation. Smart tech in your new home not only makes the property convenient, but it can go a long way in cutting down your energy costs, which can be attributed to how efficient the house will be. 

Focus on open plan spaces

As floor space is reduced with new home builds, construction contractors and homeowners alike have to become creative in the way they maximise the space that is available to them. A trend that is becoming a mainstay among Australians is opting for an open place design rather than dividing their residence with numerous hallways, corridors and unnecessary rooms that will not be utilised to the maximum. By embracing an open floor plan, you find that entertaining and spending time with loved ones is much more cohesive as numerous walls in the home are not acting as barriers. As a bonus, complement your open floor plan with large bay windows that will allow for maximum natural illumination. The more lighting in the home, the less dependent you will be on electricity, and you subsequently decrease your energy costs. Moreover, this increased brightness can also make a small space appear much larger than it is!

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