4 Features to Look for in Compact Excavators

Are you planning to hire a mini-excavator for your construction project? Read on and discover some of the important features that your consulting engineers should help you assess when you are viewing compact excavators at a plant hire yard.

X-Frame Undercarriage 

Your project is likely to proceed smoothly if you select a mini-excavator that has an x-frame undercarriage. Such a feature gives the machine superior ground clearance so that you can move over debris easily. Increased uptime is also assured since component damage will be avoided as a result of the adequate ground clearance.

Shutdown Protection

It is also wise to select a mini-excavator that is equipped with shutdown protection systems. Such systems monitor critical components, such as the cooling system and fluid pressure. The equipment will be turned off automatically in case the protection systems detect parameters that exceed the safe limits. For example, the excavator will turn off automatically when the engine overheats. This saves you from additional costs to cater for repairs when the equipment stays operating outside the recommended limits.

Selectable Auxiliary Hydraulics

Hire a mini-excavator that comes with selectable auxiliary hydraulic controls. This feature allows you to select the best hydraulic fluid flow rate for the task that you are performing. For example, the lowest speed is ideal for functions that require precision, such as using a clamp attachment to lift a load. Conversely, high hydraulic flow speeds are suitable for operations that require maximum force, such as using a breaker to dig a ditch through rocks. Single-speed excavators make work harder because all tasks will be facilitated by the same hydraulic fluid speed.

Onboard Diagnostics

Modern mini-excavators are equipped with onboard diagnostic tools that give the operator prompt updates about any changes in the condition of the equipment. For example, debris can damage a hydraulic hose and a leak starts. Onboard diagnostics alert the operator so that remedial action can be taken before the defect worsens and causes an accident (a dropped load due to loss of hydraulic power, for example).

Your project's success will depend on how well you select equipment which is best suited to your tasks. You should, therefore, look beyond the appearance of the machine and examine the control systems or performance capabilities of the different mini-excavators on the market. Talk to the consulting engineers who will help you to identify and examine any equipment that is required at your site.

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