Residential Construction: Three Green Building Tips for Your New Home

If you are preparing to build a home on your residential lot, you should think about incorporating green ideas into the construction. In general, green building can be defined as the construction of a structure which is resource-efficient and sustainable throughout its lifecycle. Also, green construction relies on the use of building processes which are environmentally responsible, ensuring minimal negative impact on the planet. Some green concepts and sustainable technologies are expensive and difficult to implement. However, if you are interested in an eco-friendly building, you do not have to follow the strictest or most advanced standards. Here are some simple and accessible ideas that you can incorporate in your new home.

Insulate Your Home

The heating and cooling systems in residential buildings demand a lot of power for temperature regulation. Therefore, you should insulate your structure to minimise the flow of heat from and into the home. This process can help you enhance the energy efficiency in your house and reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, the increased efficiency will contribute to lower long-term power expenses. You should be particularly keen on insulating windows and doors because these openings allow high heat exchange. If your windows and doors are made using glass, you should choose insulating, double-glazed panes. If features such as garage doors are made using steel, you should choose structures with insulating foam for minimal heat exchange.

Install a Solar Power System

You should think about installing a renewable power system in your new home. This type of setup will not only contribute to a greener planet. It will also reduce your energy expenses in the long run. The most popular and reliable renewable energy source is solar power. When building a new home, you can incorporate the solar power setup for maximum energy gains, unlike owners of older homes. If you begin planning for this system during the house design stage, you can take advantage of the geography and the configuration of your lot to maximise your sunlight-harnessing capabilities. You should note that the initial setup costs will be high, but you can offset your expenses through long-term savings.

Choose Sustainable Materials

Finally, you should purchase sustainable materials for your construction project. Sustainable materials will reduce the impact of your building on the environment. Where possible, you should choose recycled and used materials in your structure. You should also think about choosing materials which are sustainably sourced. For example, bamboo and cork are natural and renewable. Therefore, their use has minimal negative environmental repercussions.

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