Two types of renovation work you should never perform without the help of a professional tradesperson

There are quite a few forms of renovation work which are very straightforward and do not need to be performed by a tradesperson; for example, you don't necessarily have to hire professional help to tear out old carpets or to repaint one of the rooms in your home.

However, there are certain renovation tasks which should only be carried out by a qualified and experienced professional tradesperson. Here are two such tasks.

Gutter replacement

If your property's guttering has seen better days, you may be thinking about replacing it. Whilst at first glance, this might seem like a simple task, gutter replacement can actually be quite complex and as such, must be done by a qualified professional.

If you attempt to replace the guttering without professional assistance, two problems could occur.

Firstly, if you use your own rickety old ladder and do not have any safety gear (such as a safety harness or a hard hat), and the ladder tips over whilst you are standing on it, you could end up falling several metres to the ground. This could leave you with a major concussion or multiple fractures.

Secondly, if your inexperience results in you failing to fit the new guttering correctly, you could end up dealing with serious structural problems in the future.

For example, if you position the gutters at an angle which does not enable them to capture all of the rainwater that drips down from the roof, this water could then stream down the walls, towards the foundation. If the foundation becomes saturated with moisture, it could cause dampness and mould, as well as structural problems.

Given this, it would be far wiser to simply arrange for a professional contractor from companies like ACT Gutter Service to carry out the gutter replacement, rather than attempting to do it yourself.

Changes to your home's plumbing system

If you want to renovate your bathroom and intend to change the layout of the toilet, bathtub or sink, it would be sensible to hire a qualified, reputable plumber to help you.

The reason for this is as follows; if you try to rearrange the plumbing in your bathroom by yourself and you, for example, accidentally forget to place a 'washer' (a small rubber ring that seals the gap between two connected pipes) on the water pipes you have moved, the affected pipes could end up leaking.

If you fail to notice this leak, it could allow water to continually drip into the walls or floor of the bathroom for several months. This could not only lead to the development of damp but could also encourage the growth of wood-decay fungus on the structural timber in this area of your home. This, in turn, could cause major structural damage to your entire property.

As such, it is best to pay a professional plumber to carry out this type of work on your behalf.

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