Answering the FAQs That Commonly Surround New Home Construction

Finally getting the opportunity to construct your first home is a monumental step. Therefore, it is unsurprising that as much as the endeavour will be marked with high levels of excitement, it can also be quite overwhelming to a newbie. You may think that the central aspect of embarking on this project is ensuring that you have the right contractors in your employ. And although hiring architects and designers to draw up your blueprints is a critical step, this is just a small aspect of the entire venture. There are many questions that you should have answered beforehand to make sure that you are heading toward the right path. This article highlights a few of the frequently asked questions that potential homeowners have before construction.

Is it imperative to purchase land before hiring a construction contractor?

A typical assumption people have regarding new home builds is that they need to secure a lot first before they can hire a construction contractor. In truth, you are better off having your blueprints before you even select the land that you will be developing. There are a couple of advantages that come with hiring a contractor prior to deciding on which property you will purchase. For starters, your contractor can guide you when selecting a lot to acquire. They will be able to analyse various parcels of land that you are contemplating and help you choose based on size, amenities, proximity to sewer systems, accessibility to plumbing lines and so on. Secondly, enlisting the services of a contractor before you select your land ensures you will have a professional to clear the area for you of pre-existing structures, unwanted trees and any other obstacles that would come in the way of the construction.

Can you have a definitive timeline for the construction project?

In a perfect world, construction projects will start and end according to their projected timeline. However, since this is not the case, chances are the construction of your new home build will not strictly stick to the schedule that you would want for it. However, it should be noted that the fault does not entirely lie with your contractor. What newbies do not factor is that a host of external factors influences the construction of a home. For example, your contractor may be ready to come to work every single day, but if there is a delay in the transportation of building supplies, it will inevitably eat into your projected completion date. Alternatively, severe weather patterns could delay the pouring of your foundation's concrete, which would inadvertently extend the expected timeline.

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