Why You Should Consider Scissor Lifts for Better Productivity

If you are in charge of maintenance or construction in any industry or environment that requires individuals to work at a height, you will always be looking for equipment that enables these personnel to work safely in a variety of different circumstances. It can be very challenging to carry out any work when in an elevated position and even more difficult when the work required is dynamic and non-standard. In this case, you should consider whether one or more scissor lifts would provide you with the flexibility and productivity you need. What do you need to consider as you make your choice?

Designed for Precision

The scissor lift is designed from the ground up to be agile, due to its compact design and mobility. It can be manoeuvred into the tightest of floor spaces and can then be elevated to a precise height without compromise. In an environment where the working height is constantly changing (such as when pruning trees along a roadside, for example) this can be a significant asset and much easier to deal with than a static piece of equipment.

Many companies choose to use one or more scissor lifts for ongoing maintenance in a large scale plant facility. This will allow them to paint hard to reach places without the need to erect complex scaffolding, or to initiate a one-off repair in an area that is very rarely accessed.

Total Flexibility

The beauty of the scissor lift is that it can be brought into service in just minutes and provides a stable and safe operating base for an emergency operation. They are very simple to operate and can be moved from one side of an operation to another with no delay and this will cut down on the amount of time required to create a base for the particular activity. Consequently, workers can be more productive elsewhere and you can avoid a lot of the fatigue that they may suffer unnecessarily when preparing and pulling down a job site.

You can also choose scissor lifts in a wide variety of different configurations. Some of them are designed for indoor use and feature electric motors, while others may run on diesel fuel and are designed to be used in off-road locations. They're very easy to turn and manoeuvre and many of them also have extending legs that can help them achieve a level footing on even the roughest terrain.

Planning for Your Needs

Have a word with your equipment hire specialist to see what scissor lifts they have available, so that you can bring them into service when you need them and optimise your plant and equipment budget carefully.

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