3 Things that Differ Between Boring and Drilling

When you need drilling services, one of the things that may be mentioned to you is boring and drilling. You may even be asked to choose between boring and drilling. Unless you are a contractor, you probably won't know what the difference is. Here are three things that differ between boring and drilling and what you need to know about each one.

The Hole Itself

The first big difference between boring and drilling is what you need done to the hole in question. For example, if you have a well water hole that is already in place, it may just need an expansion. If this is the case then you would use boring to expand the hole and give you a bigger opening for the water well. If you do not have the well already in place, then you will need drilling. So, drilling creates the hole while boring expands the hole in some way.

First and Second

You may be asked to choose either boring or drilling. This is in cases where the hole is already there and you want a bigger depth or size of the hole. What you may also hear is the option of doing a first and second step with boring and drilling. What this means is that the hole will initially be drilled out and then will be finished off in the second step of boring. This can be effective in areas where you may have rock and other hard materials under the initial levels of dirt, and both drilling and boring will be necessary to complete the job.

Equipment Used

When you use a drilling method you will be dealing with not only the main equipment, but also the drilling bits and tips. Boring may use items such as drill pipes, cable lashers, and ditch witches. You will likely not find a company that will use the same equipment or even same base equipment for both drilling and boring. In fact, most companies who do both will do the first task with one set of equipment, while finishing the boring with a new set of equipment specifically for boring and rounding out larger holes.

By keeping these three things in mind, you will be in a better place to decide which is right for your needs. Keep in mind, if you feel too pressured to choose one or the other, consider a consultation from another drilling company that can help navigate you through your choices and what you need to know about your specific situation.

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