Should You Use Wood Pilings for Your Building's Foundation?

Piling is a technique that involves the use of wood, concrete, or steel piles to make sure that the foundation is deep enough in the ground. Piles are also used to maintain structural stability by ensuring even weight distribution across the building. Over the years, concrete has been the most commonly used material in foundation piling. However, this does not mean that it is the only suitable material for this task. Wood is also another great material that you can use. This article will look into some of the reasons why timber makes an excellent piling material for your structure.

Wood is adaptable

When it comes to choosing a material for your foundation pile, you should look beyond the strength of the material. You also need a material that's flexible enough to adapt to changing weather conditions. This is why wood makes an excellent piling material; it is both flexible and elastic. When timber piles are placed in the ground, they allow the surrounding soil to adhere to them. As a result, the structural strength of the foundation is significantly improved, as it can handle any unexpected lateral forces. Also, wood flexes under harsh weather while concrete tends to become brittle. This makes wood piles ideal for strengthening the foundation and preserving the structural integrity of your building.

Wood piles are easy to install

Wood piles are easier to install, as wood is more pliable and lightweight than concrete and steel. Using timber for foundation piling can significantly reduce the installation time and save costs. What's more, you can install wood at any time of the year. You can drill holes and install piles even during the cold season and proceed with your project. However, concrete piles cannot be laid during the cold weather. That's because the concrete won't cure properly, and this will extend the timeline of your construction project.

Wood is affordable

If you are building a house on a budget, you want to work with materials that are within your budget. Timber is a fairly affordable material to use. Since it does not require going through a manufacturing processes, you will save money on ordering wood piles. On the other hand, concrete and steel undergo extensive processes that drive up the cost of the finished product. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, wood is your best option.

As you can see, wood makes an excellent piling material that will perform as well as steel or concrete. Work with professional piling contractors so that you can design sturdy wood piles that will strengthen your building's foundation.

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