3 Benefits of Electric Rolling Shutters for Your Home and Business

If you are considering upgrading the security on your home and business, one option is rolling shutters. Rolling shutters give you a durable security option that can close off your windows and doors, helping you to reduce burglary and other security issues. Electric rolling shutters offer you even more benefits for your home and business. Here are three benefits of using electric rolling shutters and what you need to know about each benefit.

App Connected

Most of the electric rolling shutters available currently will be connected to smart-device apps. This means that you can monitor and operate the shutters from any location by using your phone or tablet. When you access the app, you can also choose the location of the rolling shutter and operate just that set of shutters. This goes even deeper by allowing you to choose just window shutters, door shutters or the garage door shutters. Advanced applications will also allow you to set timers for the shutters and allow you to add sensors for movement if the shutters have a security breach.


You may not think about the insulation of your home or business when you think of electric rolling shutters. The truth is rolling shutters do provide insulation for fluctuating temperatures. Even if your doors and windows already have insulation, this can add an extra layer of protection. The electric rolling shutters offer a benefit of securely connecting with sensors to create an alarm system connection. This connection not only allows you to be notified when someone breaches the door and the security seal, but it also helps secure the seal that provides insulation to the window or door.

Remote-Control Use

When you are on the property, you can have remote-control access to the roller doors. This means that if you are closing the business for the day, you can simply use the remote control to shutter down the business and provide an added layer of safety to your workers as they close down for the day or night. It also means you can provide security to home windows and doors as you go to bed by simply using the remote-control features to close and secure the rolling shutters. You can use the same remote to raise the shutters in the morning or at the start of the business day.

If these key benefits of electric rolling shutters sound like they would work for your security needs, contact your local rolling shutter manufacturer. They can help you with shutters for doors, windows and garages. They can also answer questions about pricing, door finishes and different building materials available to you.

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