Why Are Blocked Drains A Recurring Issue in Your Home?

When your pipes are draining perfectly, chances are you will not pay them any mind. And this is not uncommon. What typically happens is that homeowners only seek drain-cleaning services once their pipes are blocked. But did you know that a blocked drain is a plumbing problem that can easily be avoided as long as you are as attentive to your drains as you are with other household maintenance practices?

The main reason why homeowners tend to have persistent drain issues is that they are not conscientious about what is going down your drains. So even when you have them cleaned on occasion, the clogs will still crop up. Here are two main things that will cause recurring blockages in your drains.

Food debris

Particles of food making their way down your kitchen drain are virtually unavoidable. And if you are not meticulous about eliminating food scraps in the bin before washing the dishes, the debris will start to accumulate and coagulate in your drains over time. A misassumption that some individuals make is thinking the water will simply wash the debris out of the drain, but where are the particles going to end up?

Somewhere in the middle of your pipes is the answer. In addition to scraping the dishes clean, it is pertinent to have a strainer installed in your kitchen sink and all other sinks in your house. Moreover, clean out the trap underneath the sink routinely too, as food debris can overflow inside it and pass into the main drain.

Wipes and paper towels

Wipes are quite handy around the home. Whether you have kids or not, you will always find a use for them. And so are paper towels! Nonetheless, some people do not know that the proper way of disposing of used wipes and paper towels is in the bin rather than in the toilet. While the textures of these paper towels and wipes may seem to be of the consistency as tissue paper, the reality is that they are not nearly as soluble as toilet tissue.

Therefore, when you choose to flush them down the toilet, they begin to collect inside your drains, forming massive clogs. Keep in mind that the strength of these wipes and paper towels is what stops them from dissolving when wet, so it is compulsory to dispose of them appropriately or blocked drains will be a permanent fixture in your home. 

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