Top Trends to Watch Out for in Residential Driveway Trench Grates in 2019

While homeowners want drainage systems that improve water flow in the compound, functionality alone has become cliché regarding trench grates – homeowners wish for more. Therefore, renovation contractors must carefully consider the type of trench grates to install on a client's driveway. In addition to being functional, driveway trench grates should add aesthetic value to a home. Renovation contractors can accomplish this by staying up-to-date with current trends in driveway trench grates. Read on for a detailed insight into what homeowners want for their driveway drainage systems in 2019.

Decorative Trench Grates

Instead of the flat and boring traditional grates, homeowners are opting to add a touch of class on their driveways with a decorative grating. The conventional slotted cast iron grates have taken a back seat as homeowners seek more aesthetics from their lanes. Consequently, decorative grating featuring different popping patterns are increasingly lining the driveway trenches of private residences. As such, renovation contractors must be ready to offer clients a variety of decorative grating. However, in as much as decorative trench grates are becoming popular, the patterns must not compromise water flow into the trench. For instance, if the designs are big, the spaces between the slats will not allow easy passage of debris; consequently, it will lead to clogging and eventual pooling of water on the driveway. As a rule of thumb, decorative grating must achieve a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Invincible Grates

From paving stones and asphalt to concrete and gravel, homeowners have an abundance of driveway paving materials to choose from. Nonetheless, homeowners want grates that match the driveway material and give the illusion of invincible grates. For example, if your client wants dark interlocking paving stones for their driveway, a brightly coloured plastic trench grate will stand out like a sore thumb. Therefore, contractors should provide their clients with grates that mimic the colour and texture of the driveway material. For example, some customised cast iron and plastic trench grates mimic river rocks, which work well with driveways that are decorated with pebbles.

High Load Capacity Fibreglass

Since driveways are a high-traffic area for cars, cast iron is the material of choice for driveway trench gates. Cast iron can handle the weight of both stationary and moving vehicles without breaking or bending easily. However, with time, homeowners begin to complain about the noise that comes out from cast iron grates once they get loose at the ends. A practical alternative that is becoming popular among homeowners is the high load capacity (HCL) fibreglass grating. Although it has almost the same tensile strength as cast iron, HCL fibreglass grating has the added advantage of maintaining a quiet driveway throughout its service life.

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