What to Look Into When Siting Your Rural Farm Shed

Generally, it is critical to maintain a considerable distance between farm structures. This helps not only to ensure a good building arrangement on the property but also to minimise exposure to health and safety risks. 

Sheds are one of the most useful outbuildings on rural farms. They can be used to store animal feed, store farm tools and machinery, store farm produce, keep livestock and more. If you intend to build a shed to meet your rural farm needs, you'll need to think about the location of the outbuilding. 

Here's what to look into when determining the best location for your farm shed.

Proximity to essential utilities

Utilities such as electricity and water supply are essential for making farm sheds functional. Electricity helps to light up the interiors of your shed so you can see what you're doing when it gets dark. It can also be used to provide security lighting for the outdoor environment. Essential farm equipment such as electric hay cutters also need electricity to operate. 

If you intend to keep animals in your shed, connecting the structure with water supply will be crucial to replenishing water supply for the animals. 

Siting your shed close to electricity and water lines is essential to minimising the initial installation cost of vital utilities.

Transportation between buildings

If you'll be regularly transporting farm equipment, produce and other heavy stuff from your shed to other farm buildings, it is important to consider the distance involved. The distance between your shed and other buildings will impact transportation costs. The shorter the distance, the fewer transportation costs you'll incur. 

The possibility of future expansion

When choosing a location for your shed, make sure you leave enough space for future expansion of the structure. This way, you won't have to identify a new site when you scale up your farming activities.

Security against fire 

As rural farms typically house more than one structure, it is important to ensure all structures are properly spaced to minimise the extent of fire damage. Attached buildings can be easily razed down in the event of a fire incident. Maintaining a reasonable distance between your shed and other buildings is vital for ensuring fire protection.

Before getting started with your shed construction project, check with your local building department to find out the building codes and regulations that you'll need to comply with. Alternatively, you can let a local industrial construction service handle the job for you. They're well-versed with local building codes and regulations.

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