Residential Plumbing: Three Central Steps for Repairing Malfunctioning Drains

Damaged drains can cause a lot of harm to you and your family. In simple terms, if the drains are blocked, the dirty wastewater will become stagnant. This problem could increase the risk of illnesses due to the build-up of harmful microbes. The compromised pipes could also cause some water damage in your home. In addition, faulty drains can make using core plumbing elements difficult. Therefore, if you have identified drainage malfunctions, consider the outlined tips for simple drain repairs.

Assess the Problem

When planning to repair damaged drain pipes, you should assess the problem in your home. This investigation will be crucial in choosing an ideal plumbing restoration method. In most cases, drains fail to perform well due to clogs. Blocked drains will not allow wastewater to flow out of sinks, tubs and other drains properly. Moreover, you will notice backing up of filthy water through the plumbing features. If the drain pipes are cracked, you will notice moisture in unusual places through which the piping passes. You might also detect bad odours around your house.

Clear the Debris

Simple clogs can be resolved through the efficient cleaning of the affected pipe. However, this will only work if the blockage is not severe. For instance, if your shower drain is blocked and preventing water flow, there is a high chance that the piping is filled with hair and soap scum. In this case, you can clear out the pipe using commercial drain chemicals. Alternatively, you can remove the screen and manually pull out the debris from the pipes. If most drains in your house are showing signs of blockage, the problem is probably in the main drain lines. You should not interfere with these crucial plumbing features. Instead, call your licensed plumber for further assessment and repair.

Identify Damaged Pipes

If your drains are not working correctly due to piping cracks or general leakage, you should look for the damaged channel. For instance, if you have noticed water flowing from an exposed drain under the sink or around other pipes, you should identify the point from which the water is flowing. In most cases, you will find the water flow around the fittings. You can replace these connections easily to restore the function of your drain pipes. If there is a crack in the pipes, you should replace the affected sections. It might also be possible to repair through welding or soldering. If the leaks can be attributed to old and broken pipes, engage a plumber to replace the drainage 

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