Top 4 Advantages Of Resin Injection Method For Foundation Underpinning

For a very long time, the two types of concrete underpinning were the only methods for foundation underpinning. That changed a little over three decades ago with the conception of resin injection as an equally effective but less disruptive underpinning method.

Today, resin injection is a popular choice for different foundation underpinning projects. The popularity of this underpinning method for both commercial and residential buildings is largely because of the method's many benefits. Here is a rundown of some of these proven benefits:

1. It's a Fast Process

Injecting the eco-friendly resin into the soil is much less time consuming compared to the labour-intensive work that concrete underpinning entails. The process of drilling holes in the ground near the foundation does not require a lot of time. Additionally, it takes the resin less than half an hour to expand and harden. A day or two is usually enough to complete a resin injection project.

2. No Disruptions                                                                             

Traditional foundation underpinning methods require excavation, which may require the use of loud machinery and equipment. This is not to mention the fact that it may be necessary for you to move, as well as easing the load by removing some belongings. Resin injection is excavation-free, and you can expect to go on with your everyday activities with no disruptions.

3. It's Environmentally-Friendly

The resin solutions used for foundation underpinning are eco-friendly. The resin has no negative impact on the ground into which it is injected or the surrounding environment. The process is also excavation-free, which means that the ground is not disturbed. Drilling the small holes causes very little disruption with no releases into the surrounding air.

4. No Mess to Clean Up

The large-scale excavation involved in the traditional concrete underpinning methods will leave a big mess to clean up after all the work is done.  Your foundation underpinning contractor will see to the cleaning. However, even after the clean-up, it is almost always quite easy for anyone to pick up on the fact that your building has had some major construction work done. With the resin injection method, there is no such mess. 

 An expert will be able to tell you whether or not resin injection is the most suitable method for your building's foundation underpinning. If it is, then you can look forward to enjoying the highlighted benefits and more, even as your underpinning contractor gets to work.

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