Benefits You Will Enjoy from a Single-Storey Home Design

If it is your first time to look into the property market, you are going to wonder if you should purchase a home that is one storey or two storeys. Considering your taste preferences and lifestyle needs, lot size and budget, there are a lot of aspects to think about when deciding. Even if both styles have their own benefits, there are a lot of reasons why single-storey home design is what you need. Moreover, the reasons are not only for people who live alone.

It has a Wide Appeal

A single-storey home design appeals to more people because of their accessibility. Older people may find stairs to be a problem, and they are more comfortable in a one-level home because they can easily reach each room. Parents who have toddlers or small kids prefer not to have stairs even if security gates can be installed.


Most of the time, single-storey home designs are less expensive to build compared to multiple storey homes. Aside from that, they are more energy-efficient because it is cheaper to cool and heat a single-storey home. If there are two storeys, the temperature can widely vary between each level, and you will normally need separate zones.

Maintenance Is Easy

With a single-storey home design, general maintenance is a lot more convenient. It is hard to take your vacuum cleaner and other cleaning products up and down your stairs. If your house has only one storey, you will not have to deal with this problem. Outdoor chores like gutter cleaning are easier if you have a single-storey home because you can use a ladder to reach them.

Strong Investment

Having a single-storey home design is a strong investment because it appeals to a wider market. You can have a high demand for your home making it a strong investment if you want to sell it in the future. You should think about the value it will have in the next years and what will be appealing to you, your family and potential buyers.

Living in an Open Plan

A lot of the modern homes today like the sense of having an open space that everyone loves and are used to. If your single-storey home is designed well, it becomes more inviting because of the open space.

These are the great benefits you will enjoy from having a single-storey home design. Therefore, it is definitely a great idea to have it.  

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