Finishes to Consider When Employing Natural Stone in Residential Construction

Natural stone remains an ever-popular construction supply for a host of reasons. Not only is this material incredibly long-lasting, but it is also intrinsically beautiful, which means it will add visual interest wherever you choose to utilise it on your property. Hence, natural stone is typically used for walls, flooring, countertops and so on. However, when you decide to use natural stone for your construction needs, you need to determine what finish will be best for the different applications you have. Here are a few finishes that you can consider when employing natural stone in residential construction.

Natural finish

A natural finish means leaving the stone's innate appearance intact. Since you will be using the stone as it is, this finish is best for supplies such as marble that already have a luxurious appearance. However, a natural finish has to be coated to eliminate the porosity of the stone

Sandblasted natural stone

This natural stone finish is accomplished by exposing the surface of the rock to sand that is being shot at high speed using compressed air. The small particles of sand create tiny craters on the rock, which enhances the intrinsic colour of the stone. If you want your natural stone to stand out in the application it is going to be used in — such as a focal wall — this type of finish will be perfect for the rock.

Aged natural stone

As the name implies, this type of finish is done to create an appearance of weathered rock. The ageing is achieved using specialised equipment that vibrates directly against the surface of the stone to create a coarsened effect. Aged finishes are perfect for applications that require some traction on the surface of the natural stone. Hence, you can use this finish if you are employing the natural stone as flooring or benchtops. Slate happens to be one of the best materials for this type of finish.

Polished natural stone   

If you want your natural stone supplies to have a glossy appearance, then a polished finish will be the best solution for your materials. The polishing is performed via buffing the surface of the rock with coarse treatments so that the surface is smoothened into a shine. Polished finishes are great for stones with exquisite properties since this finish accentuates these characteristics. Polished finishes are typically ideal for indoor applications since the stone will be capable of reflecting light. You can choose this finish if you are using natural stone for your flooring or your benchtops.

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