Can Acoustic Panels Soundproof Your Teenage Drummer's Bedroom?

If one of your kids has taken up the drums, then your joy at having a child that is interested in music might be tempered by the noise they make. You want your child to play an instrument and you know they have a lot of fun doing it, but the noise is driving you crazy. It may be so loud that your neighbours have started to make barbed comments about it.

If your child seems serious about their hobby and you think this one is a keeper, then you can do you and your neighbours a favour by adding some soundproofing to your child's bedroom. Can acoustic panels help?

What Are Acoustic Panels?

Acoustic panels can be set inside walls or on their exterior. If you don't want to remodel your child's bedroom to insert panels inside the wall, then exterior linings may be your best option.

Here, you install panels over some or all of the walls in the room. The panels work like insulators. They are made from special materials that prevent sound from getting out through the surfaces they cover. So, for example, they may absorb noise, spread it through the wall or dampen it, depending on the product you use.

What Are the Benefits of Acoustic Panels?

Installing acoustic panels in a room helps make it more soundproof. The panels contain noise within the room rather than allowing it to leak out into other rooms or outside.

So, if you panel your child's bedroom, then their drumming may be less invasive inside your home. You may not be able to hear it all in some cases; in others, the sound will be reduced to a more comfortable level.

This may also be a blessing to your neighbours. Adding panels to walls that face neighbouring properties may mean that they don't have to listen to your drummer either.

Are Acoustic Panels Enough?

While acoustic panels may stop noise leaching through walls, they may not be enough on their own to contain the noise of your teen's drums. There may be other areas of the room that let noise out.

For example, the sound of drumming may leak out through gaps in your child's bedroom door. Adding insulation tape and a sweep at the bottom may help deal with this. It's also a good idea to train your child not to play their drums with the door or any windows open.

To find out more about how acoustic panels could give you a quieter life, contact acoustic consultants or contractors. They can talk you through your acoustic panelling options.

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