Ways To Optimise Space In A Small Bathroom

When planning home renovations, you need to put extra thought into renovating a small bathroom to create an impression of spaciousness, and a pleasant, relaxing environment. Consider the following ways to optimise the room dimensions in your remodel. 

Revealing Flooring

Ensuring that maximum floor space is visible will go a long way towards creating the sense of a larger room. To achieve this, go for particular designs. For instance, install a floating basin that attaches to the wall and leaves the floor space empty. Another possibility, for a bath, is a free-standing model that allows you to see around and underneath the tub somewhat. Having visual access to more floor expanse will create an illusion of spaciousness.

Glass Showers

Another way to extend the line of vision, more generally, is to install glass shower which doesn't block off a chunk of the room. Opaque shower screens and curtains, on the other hand, create a divide. To further integrate the shower with the central room area, continue the same floor tiles both inside and outside the enclosure.

Large Mirror

Mirrors are the ultimate tool for creating the impression of a larger room. Rather than installing a standard size, why not invest in an extra-large mirror that hugs an entire wall? After implementing this design illusion, the bathroom will feel about twice as big.

Smart Storage

Bathrooms hold numerous cosmetic and bathing items, which need homes if the place isn't to look cluttered and messy. Giving the impression that a room is bursting at the seams or that there's a lack of space makes it feel smaller. Recessed shelves within the shower can contain a range of items; you might be able to recess a medicine cabinet into the wall also. 

Additionally, make use of every square centimetre of cupboard area by instaling pull-out drawers and racks—don't reserve such innovations for kitchens. Simple shelves often create dead space, as the vertical area above the objects that sit on each shelf can be unusable—only items such as a stack of folded towels and the like use such storage effectively. Multiple drawers, however, utilise all available space for other kinds of objects.

Generous Window

A bright and welcoming bathroom, flooded with natural light, will seem more extensive than a dim room. A large window above a bath or across a wall, filled with decorative frosted glazing, will allow for soft filtered illumination while preserving privacy. If neighbouring buildings don't allow for an extended vertical window, you might construct a sun tunnel or skylight instead.

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