The Dangers Of Undermining The Importance Of Enlisting Concrete Sealing Services

Concrete remains the most commonly used construction material for various reasons. The innate strength of concrete makes it perfect for a myriad of applications ranging from interior flooring, driveway installation and more. Additionally, the affordability of concrete makes it financially accessible to a majority of people, which makes it a popular opting for individuals looking to keep their construction budget low.

Nonetheless, you should note that concrete that will be exposed to high traffic, humid weather and moisture is vulnerable to damage. The best way to mitigate premature concrete replacement is by investing in sealing services. However, some people overlook this process under the guise that it is merely a cosmetic measure. To dispel this misassumption, read on for the dangers of undermining the importance of enlisting concrete sealing services.

Enlargement of cracks

Cracks will form on concrete for several reasons ranging from improper curing, premature drying and even subsidence. Although the occurrence of cracks is fairly common, postponing crack repairs will only give them time to expand and worsen. When the concrete is not sealed, it leaves room for expansion due to freeze and thaw cycles, accumulation of debris inside the cracks and so on. This causes enlargement of the cracks as they expand. Before you know it, you will need to replace your driveway, exterior flooring or wherever else the concrete was installed. Concrete sealing not only reduces the risk of cracks forming but it eliminates the chance of enlargement if hairline cracks form.

Delamination of the surface

Delamination refers to the process of a solid separating into several layers. When it happens to concrete, it manifests as thin layers detaching from the surface of the concrete. In some cases, air is trapped under some of the separated layers and this causes blisters to form on the surface of the concrete. Delamination typically happens when the surface of the concrete is troweled before it sets. The delaminated layers are then vulnerable to abrasion and this causes gradual damage to the concrete itself. To protect the concrete from losing its structural integrity due to delamination, it is advisable to seal the surface once it has cured.

Deterioration from exposure to chemicals

You could be thinking that your exterior concrete surfaces are not susceptible to chemical damage since this is an issue that commercial spaces would have to contend with but you would be mistaken. Chemical damage does not exclusively happen when by pouring toxic substances on the concrete. Instead, it will occur due to the carbon dioxide that is present in the air. Concrete contains calcium hydroxide that will interact with the carbon dioxide, and this creates calcium carbonate that reduces the lifespan of the concrete. Moreover, the calcium carbonate will corrode any exposed reinforcement steel, leading to concrete cancer.

For more tips, reach out to a concrete sealing service near you. 

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