Tips for Enhancing the Performance of an Air Conditioning System

The summer season is a time of the year when outdoor activities are the most exciting. The events might include hiking, tourism, fishing, cruising, swimming or sunbathing. However, you still spend some time indoors, and the heat can be unbearable. For this reason, an air conditioning system is essential for your comfort and peace of mind. That said, some activities can undermine the performance of an air conditioner and make a house uncomfortable. This article highlights essential tips for enhancing the performance of an air conditioning system.

Cooking Near the AC Vents -- The kitchen is arguably the busiest room in a house. For instance, family members gather in the kitchen during mealtime or when catching up on each other's day. However, cooking is the primary activity in the kitchen, and it generates a lot of heat. Unfortunately, most homeowners believe that cranking up the air conditioning system will make the kitchen more comfortable. While it might be true, it only makes the AC unit work extra hard, which increases your energy bills. The best approach is to prepare your meals away from the AC vents. This ensures that cold air in the AC vents is not affected by the heat from a stove. Consequently, your kitchen will become more comfortable, and your energy bills more realistic.

Leaving Blinds Open -- Many people don't like spending time in a dark room during the day unless they are watching a movie. Drawing the blinds blocks natural light from entering a room, thereby making it dull. This is the reason why most people prefer to leave their curtains open. However, the downside of leaving your blinds open is that they allow hot air and sunlight to heat a room. Even with a cranked-up AC system, the room might still feel stuffy. You can enhance the performance of your AC unit and improve comfort levels by drawing your curtains. this is particularly the case for windows on the east and west ends of a house.

Dark Walls -- Interior design is a personal preference, and there is nothing wrong with painting your walls using a dark colour or applying a dark wallpaper. However, dark colours are known to absorb heat, thereby making dark-walled rooms characteristically uncomfortable during summer. While an air conditioning system can improve comfort levels, you might be expecting too much. Painting your rooms using bright colours prevents heat retention and ensures that the air conditioning system works more efficiently.  

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