Asphalt Tennis Court Repair Tips

Does your tennis court need some repairs? Other than being a sore sight, a damaged tennis court can slow down your game or cause ball deflection. Besides, you could trip over the potholes as you play. Read this excerpt for some asphalt tennis court repair tips. 

Understand the Cause of the Damage

Poor construction is a major cause of tennis court damage. It happens if the contractor failed to prepare the base, if they used low-quality materials, or poured a thin layer of asphalt on the court. Poorly constructed courts will have widespread damage. Typically, the surface will develop deep cracks or potholes within a few weeks.

Organic matter on the surface of your tennis court will cause discolouration. Birdbaths (water pools) on your court are caused by poor drainage or shoddy work from your contractor. If this water seeps into the asphalt, the tennis court will develop cracks or potholes. Sometimes cracks are caused by poor cleaning methods. For instance, pressurised water from a hose could damage the surface of your court.

Conduct Minor Repairs

There are various sealants that you can use to repair these cracks. For instance, you could opt for fibre, resin or rubber sealants. If the crack is too wide, fill it with sand or cement before applying the sealant. Some sealants are coloured to blend in with the colour of your tennis court. 

Water pools on your courts will cause discolouration. Tennis court repainting may seem like an easy task for DIY enthusiasts. However, it presents a myriad of challenges since you have to use special paints and equipment. Besides, the lines must be straight. Therefore, you should hire a professional tennis court contractor to repaint the court.

Pay for Tennis Court Resurfacing

Tennis court resurfacing is an ideal option if your court has extensive damage. Resurfacing begins with a thorough inspection to identify cracks, potholes and drainage issues on your tennis court. The contractor will conduct these repairs before pouring a fresh coat of asphalt on the surface. In most cases, the contractor will pour two layers to improve the durability of the court. He or she will then add an acrylic emulsion to coat the asphalt surface. This layer will protect the asphalt from weather and water damage. If your court was poorly constructed, the contractor will scrap the existing asphalt and build a new court.  

Proper maintenance will protect your asphalt tennis court from cracks and potholes. Examples include clearing leaves, algae and mildew off the court. Additionally, check the drainage system to ensure it does not direct stormwater to the tennis court. Repair cracks at the earliest possible opportunity. 

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