Two signs that you need to hire a traffic control team for your construction project

Whilst, not all construction projects require the involvement of traffic control services, many do. Here are a few signs that you need to use this service for your construction project.

There are issues with visibility on the construction site

If the construction site you'll be working on has visibility issues, then it could be very helpful to have a team of traffic controllers on the site. For example, if the site features a number of tall trees that you won't be removing and your labourers and heavy construction equipment operators will need to travel past or around the corners of these trees each day, then having traffic controllers standing by in these areas could ensure that drivers whose view is obstructed by the trees they're driving towards or around do not collide with drivers who are travelling towards them. The traffic controllers could, for instance, put up traffic lights or use stop signs to encourage equipment operators or drivers who are approaching the trees to slow down and they could then guide them past these obstructions in a way that ensures that no accidents occur.

Similarly, if your team will need to work on the site late in the evenings, having traffic controllers present who can instruct equipment operators or drivers to stop when they're approaching hazards that might be harder for them to see in the dark (such as excavations, mounds of soil, etc.) could make working at night much safer.

There will be plenty of both standard vehicles and heavy construction equipment in use on the site

If in addition to having lots of operators who will be using heavy construction equipment, several of your team members will also be driving cars and small vans around the site, then you'll probably need to have a few traffic control experts around to help manage the traffic created by of all of this machinery and these vehicles.

The reason for this is as follows; when tall pieces of heavy construction equipment are being driven around the same site as small vans and cars, it can be very difficult for those operating the former to see the latter when they are close to them, as the operators' driving seat positions are too high up to do so. In this scenario, traffic controllers could not only prevent traffic jams but could also manage the movement of the tall equipment and small vans as they drive near one another so that the former does not end up crushing or knocking over the latter and causing a terrible accident.

The traffic controllers could, for example, set up a system whereby a certain number of smaller vehicles would be allowed to proceed in a given direction before a certain number of heavy construction vehicles could head in the same direction; this would create distance between these two groups when they need to travel on the same site route at the same time.

For more information, reach out to a local traffic control service.

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