All You Need To Know About Building Surveying Inspections

Building surveys are routine inspections conducted as you build your home to ensure that the contractor abides by the building code, strata bylaws and the local land planning regulations. Below is a comprehensive guide to building survey inspections in Australia. 

Who Conducts Building Surveys? 

Building surveys are conducted by building surveyors, otherwise known as building certifiers. These are licensed professionals that understand the building code and the various laws that impact the construction process. Typically, you will need to hire a building surveyor when building new houses or when conducting renovation works that impact the structural integrity of your house. Consider the following when hiring a building surveyor: 

The professional should be licensed to survey the class of building that you intend to erect. Some surveyors have a license to inspect residential buildings, while others survey multi-storey commercial structures.

Inquire about the surveyor's availability. Remember, he or she will need to meet your construction team and conduct regular site visits.

The surveyor should not have a conflict of interest in the construction works. As such, he or she should not be a relative or an investor in the project.

The certifier should be hired by the building owner and not the builder or contractor at the site. It is a sure way to ensure professionalism and avoid bias.  

The Building Survey Process

Building surveying begins at the design phase of construction. Before the drafting works, the surveyor will assess the site conditions to determine how they will impact the construction works. For example, you might need to excavate unstable soils such as peat and clay. Besides, the site could need a stormwater drainage system. After the inspection, the surveyor will examine and approve the building's blueprints. In some cases, they could ask the architect to make some improvements such as using lighter materials or installing foundation piles.

Once construction works commence, the certifier will conduct regular site visits to inspect the construction works. The professional will often assess critical phases such as setting the foundation, slabs and structural elements such as the roof and pillars. They will give an enforcement notice if the construction works to do meet the required standards. This notice stops construction until the builder makes the recommended renovations. The surveyor provides an occupation certificate once the contractor completes the building works. 

Building surveying is a critical aspect of the construction process. It ensures that the construction works meet building code and the local council standards. Your building surveyor must be licensed to inspect building works in your state. Besides, he or she should have adequate insurance coverage. 

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