Home Extensions: Ideas on How to Use the Extra Space

For many people, a new extension is an ideal solution. This is why so many people have opted for loft conversions or extensions during their renovation projects. But what do you do with the spare space when your house is done? If you're thinking about extending your home, here are some inventive ideas on how to make use of your new home extension:

Additional Bedroom

Open up the space for an additional bedroom and bathroom so that you can host more guests or family members on special occasions without having to stay in hotels. 

Games Room

Use the space as a games room for kids, where adults can watch them safely from within just by peering through the window of an enclosed porch area. This is also a great place for teenagers to hang out and play video games and have sleepovers, while you can sit outside in comfortable chairs and keep an eye on them.

Home Cinema

Enjoy movie nights with your family and friends with the help of a projector. Get very comfortable bean bags to sink into while watching movies on the wall, or consider doing the room like a traditional theatre with rows of seats that are tiered upwards. Go all out with popcorn machines, candy floss machines and other fun elements.

Craft Room

Why not turn the room into a giant craft room? It's going to be a lot more practical, as it won't just be used for display. 

Home Office/Study Room

This space can also be used as a home office. If you work from home, you'll love having a quiet room to work in, and this will prevent your office from spilling into all the other areas of your home that get congested when working. If you are an older parent who has a kid who grew up, consider setting up a library and reading room in the spare bedroom so that they can read books while you leisurely chat with friends over coffee. Keep it organized with book display racks and shelves. Create a home library where you can relax and read books by yourself or with friends and family. Add in a fireplace, plush furniture and other comforts, and you've got yourself a home library.

Home Gym/Exercise Room

Create an exercise room for training at home. If you have a bad back or various injuries, this will be perfect for strengthening and stretching your muscles without having to travel elsewhere to do it.

If you are interested in finding out more about home extensions, contact a construction company today.

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