3 Reasons to Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products in Your Offices

If you're reviewing your office cleaning practices, then don't forget to evaluate the cleaning products you currently use. If you are using chemical-based products, then you might want to switch to eco-friendly alternatives.

These cleaning products aren't just better for the environment. They also have other benefits that you'll find useful. What are they?

1. Avoid Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

If you use standard cleaning products that contain chemicals, then you might release harmful substances into your office environment every time your cleaners make their rounds. These substances aren't just bad for the environment; you should also limit your employee exposure to them.

For example, a lot of commercial cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These substances can cause eye, throat and skin irritations.

They can also have negative effects on the respiratory system. If some of your employees have respiratory conditions or suffer from allergies, then they might not be able to tolerate exposure to these substances.

If you go green, then your cleaning products only contain natural and hypoallergenic ingredients. They won't release anything into your office environment that might affect your workers.

2. Improve Your Air Quality

Your employees won't want to work in an environment that smells of harsh cleaning chemicals. Things like bleach, ammonia and VOCs that create artificial scents aren't pleasant smells to have in your offices.

If your office smells strongly of these products after a clean, then people might get headaches and sore eyes. Again, allergy sufferers might have additional problems.

If you use eco-friendly cleaners, then you don't have to worry about strong unpleasant smells. In fact, some green products include essential oils. They create a natural and pleasant scent after use that could make your office smell nicer.

3. Minimise Damage to Your Surfaces

The chemicals and additives in standard cleaning products are there to improve the product's abilities to clean. However, you can run into problems if you use a regular cleaner on some surfaces.

For example, some cleaners will damage wood finishes or veneers if they are applied too regularly. Abrasive cleaners can leave scratches on metal or polished surfaces. You might need to buy a few different products to clean all the surfaces in your office safely.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products don't tend to have these damaging effects. While these cleaners are effective, they are much gentler than standard products. They don't contain chemicals or additives that might damage a surface.

To find out more, contact a commercial cleaning service and ask how they can make your cleaning more eco-friendly.

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