2 Factors to Guide Your Town Planning Project

If you have become involved in a town planning project, you will have quickly realised that there is much more involved in town planning than deciding where to place a few houses. Town planning can encompass everything from the location of new homes and offices to developing new shopping areas. You will also want to include valuable open spaces and parks, along with other amenities that all combine to create an environment where people will want to gather and build a community rather than returning to their homes immediately after work.

However big and impressive your plans are, there are at least two things that must happen before they can become a reality. The plan must be feasible, and it must gain official approval. Read on to learn more about these two aspects. 

1. Is the plan feasible?

Lots of factors can impact whether a town planning project is feasible. The first concern will be whether your plans can be achieved with the available budget. You must be confident that you have sufficient funds available to complete your plans. Next, you must think about whether the land is the right shape and size for your development and whether there is a demand for that type of development in that location. Many things can influence whether a development is suitable for a particular location, and it is essential to good town planning to conduct research and determine whether your plan is a good fit for that area, or whether you could be left with houses that won't sell, or shops that can't be let out.

2. Will the plan be approved?

No project can begin until it has gained official approval. An experienced town planning consultant is often a vital asset when you want to ensure project approval. The consultant will be armed with local knowledge and will know how to present the project as a new local asset. Not only will the town planning consultant know how to approach the local authorities, but they can also deal with the local community. A project is much more likely to be approved if it is supported by the existing local community. By making representations at any Local Plan Enquiries or public consultations, a town planning consultant should win over the local community and ensure that you can count on their support.

Another factor that can prevent proposals from being approved is the environmental impact. A town planning consultant can assess the environmental impact of the proposals from the start and suggest ways to neutralise or mitigate any impact so your plans cannot be challenged on environmental grounds. 

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