How Land Surveyors Can Make Light Work of a Densely Overgrown Plot

If you want to develop a sprawling plot of land that is largely in a virgin state, you need to bring in professionals to conduct a full land survey. In turn, they'll be able to bring in the latest equipment and use some cutting-edge strategies to help you understand what you're dealing with and plan accordingly. How do land surveyors do this work?

Untangling the Mess

A typically undeveloped plot of land may be rather difficult to access. For example, it could be overgrown with dense bush or vegetation, making it very difficult to explore the inner recesses. It may also have water features that criss-cross the property, and you may have to deal with some access points for underground utilities. In short, your clean sheet of paper may not be what it seems, which means that you may need to modify your approach depending on what you find in a survey.

Conducting a Topographical Survey 

The best approach is to conduct a topographical survey. Planning technicians will bring in modified drones for this purpose, allowing them to explore even the most inaccessible parts of the property to produce high-resolution results. They will also use 3-D scanners to generate high-quality point clouds and may also bring in traditional ground stations and other methodologies to complete the plan.

Getting Down to Detail

Before you can hope to build on this land, you will need to map all the physical features in detail. This will include natural elements such as streams, lakes, afforestation or dense undergrowth. If there are any existing tracks or structures, these will also have to be incorporated. Eventually, you'll be able to tell how these natural features fit into your development and work out whether you need to remove or modify certain features before you can progress.

Financing and Regulation

Of course, these plans will be of great use to people outside of your organisation. While you focus on future building, these others may need to provide financing and will rely on these plans to value the plot. Regulators may also want to look at the data alongside your projections to determine whether local council approval will be granted.

Boundaries and Compliance

Finally, a comprehensive land survey will also help you to establish the correct position of the property boundaries. In this way, you won't run into any legal challenges from neighbours or others with the right of access.

Working With the Best 

Make sure that you work with experienced surveyors, and they will produce your topographical survey with great accuracy.

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